A World of Experience

Irfan is an internationally renowned lecturer and has presented lectures, hand-on sessions and live surgery to a global audience in nearly 30 countries.



What dentists say about Irfan’s lectures

  • Removed mystique of all ceramic systems – a lot of information given – sometimes went a bit too fast; good clinical tips
  • Good presentation – clearer up a lot of my questions
  • Very informative; comprehensive from start to finish; case studies – very good
  • Very well presented; excellent photography; realistic; loads of information – may be too much
  • Very easy to understand, whole procedure of all ceramic restoration covered, very down to earth approach and not “cosmetic dentistry”; have learned a lot that I can take away and use in my everyday clinical practice
  • Practical advice for the practitioner on oral procedures
  • Good general overview of ceramic systems; “slick” presentation
  • Thoroughness and clarity of presentation
  • Clarity and knowledge of the presenter
  • Explicit and comprehensive
  • Very informative on all ceramics
  • All topics covered very well
  • Mysteries surrounding all ceramic systems
  • Very well organised, excellent venue with outstanding catering
  • Good visuals; good lecture techniques; nice hotel
  • Clarity with regard to stages and appropriate situation
  • Booklets to accompany the talk; down to earth speaker; small group to allow close interaction; could see slides/screen and hear clearly whole presentation
  • Good venue; interesting knowledgeable speaker; excellent slides
  • Excellent speaker

Source: British Dental Association


Countries where Irfan has lectured

 Brazil Foz do Iguacu June, 2007 Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry (BSAD)
Bulgaria Sofia March, 2011 International Dental Conference
Sofia October, 2013 Sofia Dental Meeting (SDM)
 Canada Vancouver September, 2004 Vancouver’s 2nd International restorative Symposium
 China Beijing April, 2008 Beijing University
Guangzhou February, 2004 Guangzhou Dental Exhibition
Guangzhou April, 2008 Guangzhou University
Shanghai February, 2004 Shanghai University lecture
Shanghai April, 2008 Shanghai University
Wu Han February, 2004 Wu Han University lecture
X’ian February, 2004 X’ian University lecture
 Croatia Zagreb November, 2009 3rd Quintessence Congress
 France Paris March, 2001 Cide Conference, 2001
Paris September, 2009 6th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD)
Cannes June, 2013 MIS Global Conference
 Germany Berlin January, 2009 Quintessence 60th Anniversary Conference
Hamburg July, 2009 DMG Forum
Hanau June, 2002 Heraeus Kulzer Forum
Hanau October, 2007 Heraeus International Forum
Hanau June, 2008 Heraeus International Forum
 Greece Athens April, 2009 6th Annual Meeting Hellenic Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Cassandra September, 2009 The VIIth Congress of Dentist of CIS
 Holland Amsterdam October, 2002 Nobel Biocare Conference
 Israel Tel Aviv March, 2008 Israeli Perio/Prosthetic Societies
Tel Aviv March, 2003 Orthodontic & Prosthetic Conference
Tel Aviv April, 2012 Kerr Dental Conference
 Italy Milan November, 2009 Quintessence – all day aesthetic dentistry course
Salerno June, 2009 2nd Cosmetic Dentistry: Beauty & Science Conference
Verona September, 2005 Esthetic Arena
Venice March, 2010 Kerr Roundtable
 Lichtenstein Schaan August, 2002 Ivoclar-Vivadent Forum
 Lithuania Kaunas December, 2009 Global Achievements in Esthetic Dentistry
 Norway Bodo September, 2005 Nobel Biocare lecture
Palestine Bethlehem April, 2012 2nd Palestinian Dental Conference
 Poland Krakow May, 2008 Dentopolis Conference
Warsaw November, 2009 Quintessence Symposium
 Russia Moscow October, 2007 Quintessence International Symposium
Saudi Arabia (KSA) Makkah May, 2011 9th Makkah International Dental Conference
Makkah April, 2013 10th Makkah International Dental Conference
Serbia Novi Sad & Belgrade May, 2013 NeoDental Conference
Singapore Singapore September, 2011 1st Quintessence Singapore Conference
 Spain Madrid September, 2006 Nobel Biocare lecture
 Sweden Goteborg March, 2004 Nobel Biocare lecture
Stockholm March, 2004 Nobel Biocare lecture
 Turkey Istanbul September, 2010 14th International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry
Istanbul June, 2002 European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED)
Istanbul September, 2003 7th International Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
 UK Basingstoke June, 2000 Heraeus Kulzer Artglass meeting
Birmingham October, 2001 Nobel Biocare lecture
Birmingham March, 2008 Aesthetic Dentist Conference
Bradford November, 2005 British Dental Association (BDA/BDJ) all day aesthetic lecture
Bristol October, 2001 Nobel Biocare lecture
Burton-on-Trent October, 2002 Nobel Biocare lecture
Cardiff November, 2004 ADI – Cardiff Study Group
Cheltenham October, 2005 BDA Cheltenham Branch
Chiswick May, 2001 Creative Studio
Chiswick October, 2002 Creative Studio
Cleveland September, 2002 BDA Cleveland lecture
Derby March, 2004 Nobel Biocare lecture
Glasgow October, 2001 Nobel Biocare lecture
Hampshire January, 2002 Nobel Biocare lecture
Harrogate May, 2007 British Dental Association (BDA) Annual Conference
Jersey June, 2003 European Dental Union Annual Meeting
Leeds April, 2002 Nobel Biocare lecture
London October, 2001 Nobel Biocare lecture
London September, 2003 Royal College of Surgeons
London June, 2004 World Aesthetic Congress (WAC)
London September, 2005 British Dental Association (BDA/BDJ) all day aesthetic lecture
London November, 2005 Nobel Biocare lecture
London November, 2005 American Dental Society in London (ADSL)
London April, 2006 Alpha Omega lecture
London July, 2007 British Dental Association (BDA/BDJ) all day aesthetic lecture
London March, 2008 London Hospital Alumni Meeting
Manchester October, 2001 Nobel Biocare lecture
Manchester February, 2007 British Dental Association (BDA/BDJ) all day aesthetic lecture
Middlesbrough May, 2004 Nobel Biocare lecture
Newbury April, 2002 Nobel Biocare lecture
Newbury April, 2004 Newbury Study Group lecture
Newcastle December, 2001 Nobel Biocare lecture
Newquay March, 2008 Cornwall Independent Dental Society
Nottingham March, 2003 Nobel Biocare lecture
Preston May, 2004 Nobel Biocare lecture
Sunbury-on-Thames April, 2002 Nobel Biocare lecture
Liverpool May, 2010 British Dental Association Annual Conference, chairing session
Windsor June, 2010 British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry annual meeting, chairing session
London September, 2010 British Dental Association lecture, A Clinical Guide to Anterior Dental Aesthetics
Birmingham March, 2012 Birmingham Dental Show, Live surgery
London October, 2012 Webinar, FMC publishing
London November, 2012 British Society for Restorative Dentistry
Oxford January, 2013 Oxford branch of the British Dental Association
Rochester February, 2013 Sky Dental lecture
London March, 2013 Kerr Aesthetic Roadshow, all day lectures/hand-on sessions
London February, 2013 Kerr Aesthetic Roadshow, all day lectures/hand-on sessions
London March, 2013 Clinical Innovations Conference
Newcastle June, 2013 Kerr Aesthetic Roadshow, all day lectures/hand-on sessions
 Ukraine Kiev December, 2009 Pan-European Dental Congress
Poltava September, 2008 DentArt Conference
Poltava April, 2010 Two day lectures, hand-on course at Apollonia Training Centre
Poltava December, 2012 1st Conference of the Ukrainian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
 USA Las Vegas April, 2003 Nobel Biocare world Conference
Los Angeles January, 2005 30th Annual USC Periodontal & Implant Symposium
 New York May, 2004 NYU 2nd Aesthetic Symposium
Washington (Arlington) October, 2002 American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED)


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