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Read the latest article by Irfan Ahmad about dental aesthetics in ‘Contact Point’, the Journal of the Israel Society of Prosthodontics –


Put simply, aesthetic is what nature intended, cosmetic is what man wanted; the two may be in concord, but not on every occasion. This not to say nature gets it right all the time – we only have to observe congenital deformities, which obviously require clinical intervention. However, is intervention justified purely for vanity?

What’s your opinion?

Usually, two methods are available for providing ‘white’ or tooth coloured fillings in posterior teeth. The first is direct, carried out at the practice using composites. The second is indirect, placing restorations fabricated beforehand, either manually in a dental laboratory, or using CAD/CAM machinery. The direct method is onerous, involving placing several layers of composite resin to build-up the filling, while the indirect method is protracted and costly. To reduce clinical time and expense for the clinician and patient, respectively, there is now the third way…

Recently, the introduction of bulk-fill composites has expedited the provision of ‘white’ or tooth coloured fillings. Rather than layering a filling or using pre-fabricated inlays, the entire cavity is filled with a single increment. The benefits are reduced cost, improved efficiency, and possibly a viable alternative for replacing defective amalgam fillings, which are gradually being phased out in many countries. Have a look at the video in the Treatments White fillings section…


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